Our Philosophy
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【Talents orientation】: Talent is the most precious resourceto create a shared business platform; talent is the core elemenct of creating values for the customers, talent is the business parter who can achieve Flexmetal's dream.

【Talent concept】: Encourage people with system, nurture people with culture, warming people with emotions and unify people with development

【Motivation for employees】: On the guideline of creating value business concepts ,we insist to take “The one who creates who shares; the more creating,the more sharing” as the core standard to design motivation system, evaluate employee value and contribution scientifically, offer the value creators economic pay to improve their material life, provide spiritual encouragement to nourish creators' inner world. Building a fair, attractive and human caring motivation system, embedding energetic engine to our mutual creating and sharing platform.

【Talent cultivation】: Talent resource is the core resources of company’s sustainable development, is the first element to win the future competition. We cultivate and develop talents in responsible manner, giving ongoing support on the employee's growth and development. Based on qualifications, we optimize organizational resources. Carrying out training and developing work through various forms: training new talents, practical work, classroom learning, and sharing each other’s thoughts etc; we prepare and cultivate talents who will be needed by company in the future by establishing management talent platform, professional and technical talents platform.

  Talent cultivation is in line with concept of providing service to company’s strategy and enterprise culture. We take talent cultivation and employee training as an important task all the time. Flexmetal upgrades enterprise kills and capabilities by conducting a series of training activities. Flexmetal wants to promote mutual growth with employees.