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Flexmetal attended RSNA 2016
  2016.11.27-12.02, Flexmetal team went to the United States to participate in the 102nd RSNA in Chicago.

  RSNA is an international society with a long history, a large number of members, a high level of science and active academic activities, and international members are located in many countries and regions in Europe, Asia and Oceania. RSNA Study in all aspects of Radiology and related subjects, including the promotion of basic clinical medicine health examination, and to encourage cooperation between the radiologist and between its members and other branches of medical and health care.

  Flexmetal team displays our products of medical equipment which cover sheet metal, machining, electronic assembly, reflected our ability to assemble structured metal parts and our process. We had a pleasant and friendly discussion with global healthcare industry, the participants expressed a strong interest in us, and gave a good evaluation of on-site services, we expect to launch a new round of international cooperation.